Virtual Tour and Lesson Plans

Welcome to Christ Church Burial Ground!

Take our virtual tour!

Lesson One: Introduction

Follow the attached lesson to learn about one of America's most historic graveyards.

Click here: Christ Church Burial Ground Lesson

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Lesson Two: Founding Mothers

Watch this "Graveside Chat" on the Founding Mothers buried here.

With this introduction in mind, click the link below to learn about the often overlooked women who contributed to the Revolutionary War effort.

Christ Church Founding Mothers Lesson

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Lesson Three: Yellow Fever 1793 

Learn about the plague that led to panic over 200 years ago and consider its lessons for today.

Resources: This lesson uses an audio walking and historic tour of Old City (created and produced by WHYY's the pulseto review the epidemic that defined much of Philadelphia's public health history. Our questions -- prepared by the Christ Church Tourism & Education program -- also pull from letters of the Founding Fathers and various texts, including what is arguably the first publication penned by African Americans.

Hiker icons on the Google Map below highlight each stop on the tour. Click on each before you begin listening to get a visual preview.

Finally, before you start this experience, watch this one minute "Graveside Chat" that reviews the place of Dr. Benjamin Rush in our Burial Ground and in this moment of history.

Click Here: Christ Church Yellow Fever 1793 Lesson

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Lesson Four: Benjamin Franklin's Virtues 

Choices that Benjamin Franklin made as a young man contributed to his wide range of success as an adult. This lesson incorporates reflective journaling, reading comprehension, and creative thinking.

Click here on Franklin's Virtues for the lesson. Answers will be recorded either in student notebooks OR on this Google Form.

*This and all of our lessons function as wonderful pre-lessons for classroom visits once the pandemic lifts!


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