17 Apr 2019

After News Stories, Christ Church To Test Fire Suppression/Water Curtain

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After Monday's heartbreaking fire at Notre-Dame cathedral, several members of the local press asked about the fire protection plan for the iconic 1754 Christ Church steeple. With exterior steeple renovations planned for June, our sprinkler suppression system needs testing. Today at 11 a.m., Oliver Fire Protection Services will trigger the exterior water curtain sprinkler.

Christ Church first installed this service in 1908, after lightning twice struck the steeple, setting it ablaze. Ten years ago, Christ Church Preservation Trust -- a secular nonprofit that manages the historic Christ Church properties in Old City -- replaced the exterior water curtain and installed a sprinkler system inside the sanctuary and steeple.

As soon as the exterior system is triggered, water will shoot from almost two dozen ducts, shrouding the steeple and its supporting tower in a heavy mist -- a "water curtain." The site is somewhat breathtaking, and a reminder of the responsibility we have to protect, save, and restore our iconic structures.