Giving Face to a legend: Alice

April 1, 2009

Philadelphia artist paints a portrait of former slave and Christ Church.

The Episcopal Life Online has done a write up on the Alice of Dunk’s Ferry.  Click here to view the full article.

Alice of Dunk’s Ferry, according to historians, was the daughter of slaves brought to Philadelphia on the Isabella, the first slave ship to dock. She spent her life gathering stories about the city and its people. Alice became well known in her time as an oral historian. One story she told was about the original Christ Church building she attended that stood where the current church is today. She told people she could place the palm of her hand on the ceiling of the center aisle and walk the entire length without removing it.

“Alice was a remarkable woman. According to historical accounts, Alice was 116 years old when she died, still telling stories from Philadelphia’s early days. We are proud to honor her today through this powerful artistic rendering which will hang in our midst for many years to come. We celebrate Alice as our oldest known parishioner,” said Christ Church Rector Timothy Safford.