23 May 2019

Invitation for Bids Posted

Category: Announcements

*INVITATION FOR BIDS* (Posted May 23, 2019)

Christ Church Preservation Trust is seeking bids from qualified contractors interested in making structural and cosmetic repairs to the historic 1754 Christ Church steeple.  Qualified contractors will have experience in historic preservation work including — but not limited to — structural timber framing, structural steel erection, scaffolding erection, and the restoration of historic surfaces and finishes. An exact time, date and place for the pre-bid meeting and bid due date is listed on the bid documents, available to interested bidders as electronic bid packages. All jobs will require bonding, a pre-bid meeting, bid guarantee, and compliance with funding requirements as stated in the invitation to bid. For further information, please contact Bernie Coogan, AthenianRazak LLC at bernie.coogan@athenianrazak.com.