Our leaders strive to create a welcoming community for all church visitors.

Christ Church Staff

The Reverend Samantha Vincent-Alexander, Rector
ext. 22 | Email Samantha

The Reverend Palmer Hartl, Parish Associate
ext. 21 | Email Palmer

Cecilia Wagner, Parish Administrator
ext. 21 | Email Cecilia

Parker Kitterman, Organist & Music Director
ext. 27 | Email Parker

Robin Parke, Godly Play & Children’s Minister
Email Robin

Ben Leaphart, Facilities Caretaker
ext. 33 | Email Ben

Christ Church Preservation Trust Staff

Hannah Opdenaker, Interim Executive Director
ext. 29 | Email Hannah

Vince Lattuca, Director of Marketing & Special Projects
ext. 26 | Email Vince

Carol Smith, Archivist
ext. 34 | Email Carol

Kyle Hiller, Rentals Manager
ext. 23 | Email Kyle

Matthew Havens, Education Coordinator
ext. 32 | Email Matthew