Christ Church Preservation Trust

The Christ Church Preservation Trust is a non-profit organization created in 1965 to ensure the preservation of historic Christ Church.

Mission of the Preservation Trust

The Christ Church Preservation Trust, a non-profit organization, was created in 1965 to ensure the preservation, restoration and maintenance of historic Christ Church, Neighborhood House and the Christ Church Burial Ground. Of extraordinary historical importance, Christ Church has been deemed a National Historic Landmark. Our properties do not, however, receive any federal funding.

Since 1965, the Trust has raised $15 million for the preservation of the Christ Church historic properties. Capital projects have included preserving and reopening the Christ Church Burial Ground, renovating the Neighborhood House, creating an archive for historical church materials, and installing fire protection systems in the church

Every year 250,000 visitors come to Christ Church and the Burial Ground to see the magnificent Georgian building and learn about its notable history.

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Christ Church Preservation Trust Board of Trustees

Thomas T. Loder, Chair
Samuel Wheeler, Vice Chair
Craig Owens, Treasurer
Janice Woodcock, Secretary
Sheryl Bar
Dr. Nathalie Bartle
Jack Cassidy
Peter Evans
Carol Fitzgerald
Bruce Gill
Julia B. Leisenring
George McNeely
Sarah Peterson
Hon. Gene E.K. Pratter
Richard L. Smoot


David C. Auten, Deborah D. Bishop, Jean Bodine, Bayard R. Fiechter, Leon L. Levy, Jeffrey F. Scott, Newbold Strong, Robert S. Warth


Christ Church Preservation Trust Staff

Hannah Opdenaker, Interim Executive Director
ext. 29 | Email Hannah

Vince Lattuca, Director of Marketing & Special Projects
ext. 26 | Email Vince

Carol Smith, Archivist
ext. 34 | Email Carol

Kyle Hiller, Rentals Manager
ext. 23 | Email Kyle

Matthew Havens, Education Coordinator
ext. 32 | Email Matthew

Contact Information

20 North American St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106-4592


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