Join The Bridge, our group for younger adults age 45 and under (more or less!) focused on progressive spiritual conversation and learning.

Discussion during Bridge meetings

The Bridge

The Bridge serves as Christ Church’s connecting link for younger adult parishioners and anyone enjoying progressive spiritual conversation spanning matters of faith and life, the center and the margins. The Bridge meets "pop-up" style throughout the year, sometimes at the church and sometimes in someone's home.

We welcome anyone in their 20s through 40s who wants to grapple with spiritual questions and enjoy the company of other seekers in transition.

We sometimes choose a theme for our meetings – a book, a prayer practice, or a theological issue. Bridge members are a diverse crowd, and we always have a variety of viewpoints represented.

The best way to keep in touch with us is to be added to our email list. Contact the Rev. Susan Richardson for more information.

Details on our fall book study, on"We Make the Road by Walking," by Brian D. McLaren, is below.  Come join us! 

Assisting those who struggle with homelessness

Members of the Bridge work in tandem with the Christ Church community to engage with their impoverished neighbors in Center City and beyond. Additionally, they work with women and children in West Philly and participate in Episcopal Community Services outreach drives.

Members of the Bridge also regularly prepare and serve meals at Old First Reformed Church shelter – which hosts a cold-weather shelter from November through April. This is a great opportunity to give back to the city and enjoy fellowship with shelter residents and fellow parishioners. Members gather to prep and cook, and sit down to eat with the men of the shelter. Children ages 11 and up are welcome to join.

For more information on how you can help with the shelter dinners by preparing food or helping with serving, please contact Anne McAteer.

Bridge book calendar September through Epiphany

Meeting topics: The chapter listed for each date is what we’ll focus on that day.  We can’t cover the whole book in our meetings, but if you end up getting into it and can read other chapters, great!  If you can, please scan the reading beforehand, though come along either way.

Biblical literacy: As promised, I’ll bring something to each session about the Scripture readings listed for that chapter: just a brief word about the date/place/author/ textual considerations of that book of the Bible.

End of the season of Pentecost:

9/22 – Preface and Introduction; Ch. 1, “Awe and Wonder”

10/6 – Ch. 4, “The Drama of Desire”

10/20 – Ch. 6, “Plotting Goodness”

11/3 All Saints – Ch. 11, “From Ugliness, A Beauty Emerges”

11/24 – “First Quarter Queries” – If you can, please think about them (or jot down ideas) beforehand.

Advent and Christmastide:

12/1 Advent 1 – Ch. 15, “Women on the Edge”

12/15 Advent 3 – Ch. 16, “Keep Herod in Christmas”

12/22 Advent 4/prepare for Christmas Eve, Ch 17A, “The Light Has Come”

1/5 After Christmas – Ch. 19, “Jesus Coming of Age”


1/12 1st Sunday of Epiphany – Ch. 21, “Significant and Wonderful”

1/26 – Ch. 24, “Jesus and Hell”

2/2 – Ch. 25, “Jesus, Violence, and Power”

2/16 – “Second Quarter Queries”

(2/23 – The bishop comes, so it’s the Sunday for baptism and confirmation for all who would like)

Then Lent begins.  Schedule TBA

Note from Rev. Susan:

The book study is based on the in-person meetings at the church.  The closed Facebook page that will support people when they can't get there is now set up via the Christ Church Philadelphia FB page - feel free to join (you'll need to request entry).  
This is for folks who'll be able to come at least occasionally to the in-person meetings - but not the right thing for people who have no relationship with the in-person group at all.   The group isn't just about information but also ways of listening and conversing. 
In-person meeting dates: 9/22, 10/6, 10/20, 11/3, 11/24, 12/1, 12/15, 12/22, 1/5, 1/12, 1/26, 2/2, 2/16 (Lent/Eastertide dates, TBA)
The covenant that'll help make it a a more powerful, effective space is summarized below; full text at the end of the McLaren book.  All this is posted on the FB page, too.
We'll follow the covenant outlined on p. 278 of the McLaren text, summarized in brief below:
"We aren't seeking to impress each other, to convince each other to agree with us, or to fix each other." 
1: The guideline of participation [in group meetings]: ... All should feel encouraged but not pressed to participate... Welcome others to contribute... avoid dominating.
2: The guideline of honor: ... Advising, silencing, fixing, upstaging, correcting, or interrupting others often leaves them feeling dishonored... Trust that a safe, honoring environment will make space for the 'inner teacher,' God's Spirit, to guide others better than you can.
3: The guideline of silence: ... Don't rush to fill silence. Expect that important insights will arise through silence...
4: The guideline of understanding: ... promote something more important than agreement or argument: understanding -- or ourselves and one another.
5: The guideline of brevity: ... Err on the side of being too brief and having people ask to hear more, rather than on the side of taking more than your share of the group's time..."
And, I will add, please remember those in the group in prayer and honor confidentiality of the meeting and the FB page.